How to Thaw Frozen Chicken Fast

How to thaw frozen chicken fast? If you took some chicken out to thaw and you’re in a hurry to start cooking soon, here is a any way to speed up the thawing process without using the microwave, so you can prep your other ingredients in the meantime.

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Thaw frozen chicken quickly In a bowl of water

This quick-thaw method, used in most professional kitchens, is the gentlest technique and takes 20-30 minutes for 1-2 lb frozen chicken.

Fill a large bowl or container (can be a stockpot, or a salad bowl) with cold water and fully submerge chicken. Allow to sit, changing water regularly with fresh cold water. If you’re very busy at the same time, let run a thin drip of cold water on top to keep the process flowing without having to change water.

Don’t use hot water because it will increase time in the “danger zone”, and it will thaw the outside too quickly while the inside is still frozen. The “danger zone” is the range between 41 to 135 degree Fahrenheit / 5 to 60 degree Celsius where bacteria develop the most, risking poisoning the food.

Once the pieces of chicken are defrosted enough to be separated, pull them apart. The rest of the thawing will be quicker. Continue the process until the meat is fully thawed. If defrosting a whole chicken, make sure cold water goes inside so it will defrost from the exterior and the interior.

So as long as you use cool, potable water in an appropriate sink and container, quickly thawing chicken (and any other meat in general) with running water is perfectly fine.

Note: To prevent the growth of bacteria, cook your chicken immediately after thawing, and never re-freeze thawed food.

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