How To Make Healthy Homemade Soups on the Go

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These days it can be difficult to eat healthy. With busy schedules, especially if we have children, many people find it easy to grab whatever is available and fast, and worry about health consequences later. But later is right now. You might ask “How do I eat healthy, when I’m running out of time already?”. With the following tips for healthy soups on the go, you will learn how to ensure that the food you take is healthy.

One way is to make foods that can be taken with you to go. One such food is soup. Soup is tasty, filling, and good, but especially in autumn or cold winter. There are many soups which are also good to eat cold or lukewarm.
First, choose your favorite soup. A popular choice is the infamous chicken noodle soup that can be bought easily in supermarkets. But for now we’ll make our own soup for an even healthier choice.

One good thing about homemade dishes is that you know what is and is not in it. Since we are concerned about health, preparing your own homemade creations is the best way to proceed. No matter what kind of soup you choose to do, be sure to use fresh ingredients.


Now it’s time to actually create your time saving soup. When making a good soup, we should always starts with the stock. For chicken soup, make the broth by boiling the remains of the chicken you had for dinner previously. Add herbs and spices of your choice and cook until the chicken bones clean out. Any remaining meat will feed the stock. When broth is completely cooled, pour it in jars or airtight containers for storing.

If you’re fan of beef soup or a vegetable lover, you can use canned commercial broth or bouillon cubes to make the soup base. Season the stock very well and boil before adding other ingredients. Once the stock is ready, the only thing left to do is to put your favorite vegetables in. Again, wait until the soup is cooled before storing or pouring into serving containers.

An overlooked feature when cooking soup is the use of spices and condiments. They can have a great impact on the soup’s taste. Do you find your soup a little bit bland? Just add some pepper, cumin and a bit of fresh cilantro leaves to add flavor. Think curry, flavored salt, grated cheese, fresh or dried herbs to perfume your creations.


And what about a blender? t’s a bit hard to eat soup while driving (and it’s dangerous), and if you serve your children. This is where the mixer enters the scenario!

Pour a little of the soup in the blender and mix until the pieces are small enough for you to swallow without choking. You can even puree the soup completely if you prefer. For a thicker consistency, add a few tablespoons of cream. Now, your soup is ready for distribution in your to-go cup.

The ideal cup is a coffee mug with a lid. These types of cups have a wide opening perfect for drinking soup from. Be sure to prepare enough soup for the week. You can take the soup with you while you are out for shopping, working in the garden or at work. A cup of soup is full of healthy nutrients, and it will not ruin the car or cramp your busy lifestyle. The next time you do not have time to eat, go for a cup of healthy homemade soup instead of pulling into the fast food drive thru.

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