What’s For Dinner This Weekend? (Dinner Menu Ideas for 30-2th October)

What are you cooking this weekend?

The week is over and it’s not too early. Maybe you had a stressful week so why not relax and take some repairing time in your kitchen?
We will bring some lightness and fruits to this weekend menu: a perfect mix of colorful and light dishes.
We begin to travel with a Pumpkin Soup with Grilled Chorizo ​​and Saffron Cream, an easy appetizers recipe. This pumpkin soup, associated with its saffron cream and grilled chorizo gives you an elegant appetizer for a dinner.

simple dinner ideas - quick dinner ideas - easy dinner ideas for family -  healthy dinner ideas Pumpkin Soup With Grilled Chorizo ​​and Saffron Cream

Followed by a recipe for some tasty marinated mackerels with white wine and orange zests: here, mackerels are half cooked, very soft and fragrant with spices and herbs from the marinade. A perfect recipe when we want a light meal!

fish dinner recipes - fish dinner ideas - Simple dinner ideas - quick dinner ideasBaked peaches with pistachio and caramel sauce

We end our journey with Baked peaches with pistachio and caramel sauce, an ecstasy! So if you like caramel, it is for you. If you love pistachios, it is still for you. And if you fall for fruit desserts, so there is more for you. It might look strange to cook fruit, but this dessert with peaches, pistachio and caramel sauce only dreams of one thing: that we eat it with relish.

Peach dessert - dessert recipes - recipes for desserts -simple desserts recipe - desserts with peaches

Baked peaches with pistachio and caramel sauce

Have an excellent weekend!

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