How to Create a French Bistro Theme for a Dinner Party?

Q: I’m about to throw a party dinner at home in few weeks and I would like to give it a central theme about french bistro and parisian cafe. What should I do to start on good tracks? What kind of menu should I propose? What decor elements are typical of a french bistro style beside famous bistro chairs and chalkboards everywhere?

Sent by Myriam

Editor: We had several articles about the subject published few time ago. Various dishes are typically served on a parisian bistro table: food is not complicated and is aimed to be prepared and served quickly so you’ll find french sandwiches, salads, egg dishes. But some slow cooker recipes are also very popular like pot au feu or onion soup because they are prepared well in advance and you just have to serve people just like in a cantina. This gives a very friendly and popular atmosphere.

Here are some recipes and posts that could suit very well with your theme party:

Readers, please share your tips and tricks to create this bistro decor and ambiance for a good dinner party.What accessories do you think are mandatory? What should the menu be made of? What would be your tips and advices to create a french bistro theme for an entertaining dinner party?

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