The Necessary Utensils to Plate Your Beautiful Dishes

Food Plating Tools - Food Presentation Utensils - Food Styling ToolsDo you want to plate food like a pro? Gastronomy’s visual aspect is as important as the taste, that’s why food presentation techniques are refined everyday by professional chefs. There’s no mystery: creativity is not enough, so you need some good food plating tools to really get started!

  • A melon baller — also known as a Parisienne — to make pretty balls of fruit (apple, melon, etc.) Choose one with a small hole so that the fruit does not stick to the spoon.
  • A julienne peeler to make thin filaments of vegetables. The vegetable cut is an overlooked but important aspect of food presentation.
  • Cookie cutters of all sizes and shapes.
  • If you don’t already have one, we strongly advise you to equip yourself with an apple corer to make impeccable quarters and delicious apple chips (the apple chips recipe is here), colored decorative sugar flakes and so on.

Then you need tools to make creative, original and aesthetic dishes and desserts:

  •  Ring molds and shapes molds to draw circles or make round or square shapes, perfect sublime mille-feuilles.
  •  Pastry bags, are a pastry lover’s best friend; use to decorate your cakes or even write edible texts.
  • And for beginners, no problem: try edible decorating papers so you can decorate cakes and pastries with edible printed designs in a snap!

Finally, don’t forget an important detail: do not neglect the container! Beautiful plates or glasses will help to enhance your meals and value you hard work!

Here’s a selection of specific utensils used by professionals, available via Amazon:

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