How to Buy Silverware: For What Occasion? How To Maintain It?

How to Buy silverware - Buy silverware - Buy Silver Cutlery

Who has not dreamed of having a beautiful silver silverware set? Today, we look rather at original and trendy tableware sets, but often the products are poor quality and quick to be unusable. So we turned to silver, a little retro course, but still sustainable, accessible and simple to maintain. For what occasions can we use it?


When making the purchase of cutlery, we don’t think enough about the future use. It would be ideal the eat everyday with silver cutlery at home, but it’s just fine to keep it only for certain occasions. Who doesn’t like the look of a well dressed table filled with silver dinnerware?


Wedding day should remain an unforgettable day. That’s why the dishes will be key. We will install white plates, silverware, sprinkle some gold glitter here and there and you’re done. Your table will certainly make people envious.

The holiday season

Christmas and New Year are always opportunities to offer a pretty table to guests. Even if it’s still moments of celebrations, nothing prevents you from bringing plates and silverware


The anniversaries are an opportunity to highlight the silver silverware. These tableware are often transmitted from mother to daughter. Be careful not to mix colors, silver cutlery rather marry with neutral tones.


Baptism is an excellent reason to break out your silverware. In addition, the tradition is that baby receives her little silver spoon, too.


The silver, in general, does not go to the dishwasher. To clean silver, several options are available:

  • If you hand wash your silverware, you’ll have to remove any food likely to remain on it. Be careful because some foods, especially acidic foods, can turn silver into yellow or black.
  • If you do not want to get into hand cleaning your silver, you can put your cutlery in the dishwasher, but only if you use products containing no chlorine.
  • Baking soda is a good way to clean your silverware. Take a cloth, place it in the baking soda and rub gently on the silverware and finish with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.
  • The silverware can be cleaned with Mirror found in hardware stores.
  • Your silver cutlery can also be soaked in water containing soap and ammonia.
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