Kitchen Appliances: How to Choose a Kitchen Cooktop

Very practical and aesthetic at the same time, a hob is always welcome in a kitchen. But as it is an investment that should last for years, the choice of material deserves some reflection.

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The cooktop, an important element in the kitchen

Cooking is fun and it’s always nice to prepare good food with good materials. The cooktop is one of the materials that need to be carefully chosen and many criteria must be considered before purchase. Many types of plates exist on the market, but criteria should be considered, such as safety or available space to make the right choice.

The different types of plates

The materials used in cooking have largely changed since a few decades. You’ll find mainly gas hobs and electrical plates on the market. Electrical hobs can be divided in classic electrical plates, vitro-ceramic and induction.

The gas hobs

Gas cooktops bearing plates are certainly the oldest, but today many homes still have this type of material. These tables are among the least expensive to purchase and to use. Indeed, users can connect to the system that supplies the city. From 2 up to 6 burners, these types of tables are nowadays equipped with various options to facilitate their use. Similarly, stainless steel or glass forms the top of these tables, making them easy to clean and maintain. These are the cooking purists appliances as heat can be tuned very accurately.

Electrical hobs

Tables equipped with electrical hobs also show a very interesting purchase price. Generally, these types of tables are selected for initial installation. Robustness and ease of use are among their main advantages. These model sheets are indeed melting and break very rarely. By cons, they resent the liquid and this makes them difficult to maintain.

The ceramic hob

The ceramic hobs are a variation of the electric hob. Also powered by an electrical system, these types of plates used by households against halogen or radiant plates, or a combination of both. If they are not among the cheapest tables, they far outstrip other systems for ease of use and maintenance. But these types of tables also show a higher energy consumption than other models of cooktops.

The induction hob

The hotplates also use electricity and the first models were introduced just last ten years. The system is based on the principle of emission of electromagnetic waves that can heat a container of steel, cast iron or ferromagnetic metal. If their price is not yet within reach of every budget, they have the advantage of consuming less electricity than electric hobs and ceramic because the simple fact of removing the container plates to turn them off .

The location and layout on the countertop

If everyone wants to have a cooktop, some can not even think about, not having enough space. Indeed, cooktops only exist in three distinct sizes:dominoes with two burners with a width varying between 27 and 30 cm,
standard devices with a width of from 58 to 60 cm,
devices with a width of from 65 to 75 cm.
The layout of the kitchen must also be taken into account and the existence of built-in hobs on the countertop can sometimes save a lot of space.

Let’s turn the fire on!

If cooking is limited for some people to cook food so that they are just edible, gourmets carefully respect the different cooking times and methods dictated by the recipe they make. The gas cooktops and electric plates are then the most difficult to master at the power of heat. As against the induction tables may vary in temperature very quickly and have the advantage of operating at very low temperatures to achieve certain specific dishes that require low heat.


An accident can happen suddenly in a kitchen and security is a criterion to never be taken lightly when choosing a cooktop. Apart from the risk of burns caused by accidental contact with the cooktop, the difficulty of the installation should also be considered. Thus, the induction tables seem to be the most secure because the plates do not heat up hardly at all. But you can also opt for other types of tables, especially if they are equipped with a locking-system commands or a cutting-gas thermocouple when it comes to gas burners.

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