The Practical Guide For Buying Cheaper Fruit And Vegetables

How To Buy Fruits and Vegetables Cheaper - Cheap Fruits and Vegs Nearly a quarter of us would dismiss fruit and vegetables because of their high price. For health, this disaffection is a real problem because fruits and vegetables play a vital role in a balanced diet. They provide vitamins, minerals and fiber, thus participating actively in the prevention of many diseases.

In order not to give up, here are some practical ideas and unpretentious tips to buy cheaper fruit and vegetables, without sacrificing quality either.

Diversify your purchases

Without imagination, we often buy the same type of products. By showing flexibility, it is possible to have some good deals. “For a long time, says Laurence, a student in business school, I only buy already prepared salads in a bag. I rediscoveredthe salad ‘nature’ with a friend. It’s cheaper and actually better!”.

Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

The vegetable prices vary during the year. Out of season, you will pay a higher price in average for products imported from halfway around the world. At the same time, you will also help the environment. A kilogram of imported apples costs several cents for oil!

Buy directly from the producer

More and more producers now sell online, with very attractive prices. Enjoy it. “I found a producer three kilometers from the house, from which I get fresh fruits and vegetable twice a month, says Clara, mother of three children. His products are always fresh and the whole family feast for cheap. Everything is a matter of organization.”

Think about local markets

Markets are often an excellent source of fresh and cheap products. Compare prices before you buy as they can vary from one retailer to another.

Buy in bulk

Among producers and markets, it is possible to get a better price if you buy in larger quantities. Some products, such as apples, keep very well. You can also buy in group with your neighbors.

Buy frozen vegetables

Their prices are very competitive, they have the advantage of storing well and being rich in vitamins. Tips: it should be noted, for example, green beans, peas, mushrooms, vegetable purees, compotes. Pay attention to sophisticated preparations may contain too much salt, sugar or fat. Eating quality is uneven from one product to another, so make some tests. Avoid prepared frozen dishes which are heavily industrial processed foods.

Use the deals weapon

Some hard discounters sometimes offer excellent quality / price ratio. Just make sure the quality as it is not always guaranteed. “I go to Aldi once a week to hunt the right price, says Brandy. I buy according to the loads. I happened to find the same product 40% cheaper.”

Look at the quality

Look at the products, touch them, smell them. Do not rush the most colorful fruits, which are not always the best.

Think organic

I am a fervent supporter of organic products. Richer in nutrients, healthier, cleaner, they also have a unique taste. These products are a little expensive but the price differential is decreasing. Their price / quality ratio is really competitive.

Determine your priorities

If it is really possible to buy cheaper, good nutrition will always cost a little money. Everything is a matter of priority over other expenditure items. Your health is well worth some sacrifices after all. Because you’re worth it …

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