The 4 Benefits of Menu Planning

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Meal planning is something most of us do to one degree or another. For some, a meal plan is deciding what to eat for dinner at 4:00 pm at the last minute. For others, planning comes together in a much more elaborate way and works as a guide for what the family or individuals will eat all week long.

I encourage you to learn the practice of meal planning in the second way, rather than deciding what you will eat last minute. In doing so, you end up saving time, money and you make sure to eat balanced meals throughout the day.

1.  Saving money

Saving money is a priority for many people. When we are in the grocery store, most of us take the approach of comparing brands, using coupons or buying in bulk. Although these are all good strategies, an important concept is often overlooked: avoiding waste. By planning your meals for the week, you buy only what you plan to use.

2. planned meals for the week

Go to the grocery store armed with a grocery list that you generated from your planned meals for the week. You will be less tempted to buy on impulse or buy more than needed because you’ve planned ahead.
There is nothing more frustrating than throwing away rotten food at the end of the week because of poor planning. It is a waste of not only food, but money.

3. Collect a list of meals electronically

A well thought out meal plan is usually physically written or a printout from the computer. Although you will still save time by using a handwritten list of meals and grocery list, it will ultimately be much faster if you take advantage of the computer at this stage.
There are many options when it comes to recipe software, which will allow you to collect a list of meals electronically and generate a printable grocery list at the click of the button.

4. You can be sure to include all the components from each food group

Using this method, plus realizing that you can literally buy everything you need shopping just once a week, will save you hours.
Finally, by carefully planning your meals for the week, you can be sure to include all the components from each food group. Balanced meals are essential to your health and there is no easier way to create them than by spending a few minutes planning the meals in advance.

Here are some nice products that can help you to plan and organize your menus through the week:

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