6 Goals You Can Set Up Easily for Healthier Eating

Goals for Healthier Eating
Changing our habits and replace them with good habits is not an easy thing. But how can we expect a total lifestyle shift when we rely on quick-shortcut diets that don’t actually produce lasting results? Healthy eating is in fact a step-by-step blueprint to feel better in our body, and sometimes smaller goals are easier to manage. So if you want to see improvement, you can start small but with consistency. Here’re 6 goals toward healthier eating that we can manage on a daily basis, without totally going out of our comfort zone.

Shopping with a full stomach
Eat before making your shopping list, and eat before shopping at the grocery. Never go shopping for groceries with an empty stomach or you’ll end up with lot for unnecessary and unhealthy products in your shopping cart instead of fruit and vegetables, fish and lean meat.

No more skipping breakfast.
No need to have complete breakfast if you don’t like to. But even if it’s small, you still need to start off the day with something: a yogurt, a smoothie, a granola bar or something similar. Skipping breakfast can trigger big cravings at noon, which will be very difficult to control.

Eating more fresh fruit.
It’s true that fruit is not too easy for everyone. But try to increase your fresh fruit intake with smoothies, juices and salads. Just vary, so you won’t feel bored eating apples everyday.

Healthier snacking
Ditch all the over-salty stuff and chocolate bars as well. Raw vegetables bring more nutrients and are satisfying. Vegetable that need to be chewed are a plus: Think carrot sticks, celery, or fennel.

Using liquid vegetable oils
Limit how much fat or oil you use in cooking, and use liquid vegetable oils —olive, canola, sunflower— in place of solid animal fats like butter or heavy cream.

Using smaller plates
The bigger the plate, the more we are tempted to treat ourselves with larger portions. Studies by Brian Wansink, a specialist in eating behaviors, have proven that using smaller food containers helps to better control our food portions. And don’t forget to eat slowly, you won’t have to serve yourself twice.

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