Saving Space: 15 Ways Of Mounting Microwave In Upper Cabinets

upper cabinet mounted microwave picture

Microwaves are a very important appliance in the kitchen of many people. It’s true that they save us a lot of time in many different tasks. A microwave can defrost your frozen meal, heat up your yesterday meal, warm up some water for your tea, and even for cooking some dishes. Problem is that microwaves borrow a lot of space on the countertop, and for those who have a small kitchen, a full in-column appliances set is not always an option. So we gathered for you 15 examples how you can mount a microwave using you upper kitchen cabinets. This space saving solution will also make your cupboard looks neat!

microwave mounted above stove

upper cabinet microwave

wall mounted microwave

microwave mounted traditional cupboard

above range microwave

top cabinet mount microwave

over range microwave

over stove microwave cabinet

installing microwave in cabinets

mounting microwave over range

open kitchen shelves microwave mount

upper kitchen cabinet mounted microwave

microwave built in kitchen cabinet

how to mount microwave above stove

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