Herbs Roasted Whole Chickens

Herbs Roasted Whole Chickens

You certainly already know the expression “less is more”? Well, here is a recipe that I consider to be the best roasted whole chicken recipe ever. It appears to be very simple, but the quality of chicken and herb mix you use makes the difference. The result is as stunning as tasty! In fact this recipe strips off all the fancy stuff to cover the basic of a good roast chicken. Once you master this, you can customize at your will.

Ingredients list Herbs Roast Chicken Recipe 

  • 2 small or medium chickens. Prefer organic chickens.
  • Herbs. Use what you have at hand: tarragon, thyme, rosemary…
  • Fresh parsley
  • Butter
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Cooking instructions

1. Put chickens in a baking dish, stuff them with half the herb mix then sprinkle with herbs, fresh parsley, and there have diced butter. Count on roasting for 25 minutes per 1 lb (500g).
2. Put your chickens in the oven at 360°f (180°c) for 2 hours with a bowl of water beside, this prevents chickens from drying. Baste chickens with their juices regularly.

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