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Glide Knife Squeegee: Clear Your Knife Blade Easy Way

Despite its small size, the Glide Knife Squeegee is definitely a nice addition to any kitchen arsenal. This simple to use device slides over the top of the knife blade, easily sliding across the surface of the blade acting as a squeegee for any diced food particles that remained attached to the knife. Get rid of garlic cubes, herbs or grease that could stick! You don’t need to sweep the blade with your fingers or a towel anymore. This tool is very handy when you mince very finely and you need to keep a maximum of the precious ingredient.

You can discover this Quirky’s website; the production will start very soon according to their information.

Feb 1, 2013
E. Brandy
Lifestyle editor
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By Veronica Brandy
By Veronica Brandy
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By E. Brandy
By Veronica Brandy
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