The 5 Best Reasons Why You Should Prepare More Soup

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Yes, soup is not reserved to children or elders. Soup has become trendy! Soup bars and franchises gain more and more popularity in urban areas as they are good alternatives to traditional fast food and snacking.

Sipping your soup in your own styled cup while waiting in front of the metro station is more appealing than biting into your mayonnaise dripping sub sandwich or your fatty hamburger… not so sexy is it?

1. Soup means variety

Soups can be made from various ingredients, mixed or not. Do you like a clear broth with some vegetables and sliced chicken breast? Or you might prefer a smooth and creamy pumpkin soup? Not a problem as long as long as you get your blender at hand! In fact a lot of conventional dishes can be turned into soup. Think about the Sunday roast beef leftover: a few potatoes, some leeks and voila!

Soup ingredients can be: duck, beef, chicken, pork, or turkey. Even fish or other seafood are good choices. Vegetable ingredients offer an infinite choice! Tomato, potatoes, carrots, onions, shallots, garlic, leek, squash, pumpkin, beets, peas, beans, fennel, celery… Just look at this 20 best chicken soup recipes and enjoy the variety!

2. Soups are tasty and easy to enrich

An overlooked feature when cooking soup is the use of spices and condiments. They can have a great impact on the soup’s taste. Do you find your soup a little bit bland? Just add some pepper, cumin and a bit of fresh cilantro leaves to flavor it up. Think curry, flavored salt, grated cheese, fresh or dried herbs to perfume your creations. You can travel around the globe within a single sip!

3. Soups make travel easy

Indeed, world cuisine is a great influence when it comes to preparing your own homemade soups. Many countries and cultures have culinary traditions that include soup with many ingredients. From Africa to South America, through Asia and the Pacific, without forgetting Europe and North America… All continents have culinary habits which include soups.

4. Soup is both traditional and stylish

A contemporary trend combines soups and French terrines to offer some mini “soup-shooters” which are a pack of flavor contained in one small glass. Iced or hot, these gourmet soups are encountered more and more in stylish restaurants.

Looking for something more traditional? Like the good old onion soup, slowly simmering in the chimney corner? Well, it’s all about this: slow cooking and seasoning. It’s so easy to remember good moments with family and friends within a simple but fragrant bowl. There is no other dish which provides these feelings with so much ease in the kitchen.

5. Everyone is good at making soup

So are you shy in the kitchen? You don’t know how to present a dish to make it look attractive? You don’t know what to do with the leftovers that sleep in your fridge? Go outside for some inspiration, buy some cream or vegetables and turn your frustration into a delicious soup. Add some pumpkin and sesame seeds, a little chopped parsley and you obtain a mouthwatering soup that will wake up the greediness of your entourage!

What’s your little trick to make a great soup? What soup do you like? What are your favorite recipes?

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