3 Tips to Recreate a Real Chef Kitchen at Home

Chef Kitchen decorating tips

“When kitchen accessories and utensils become stars.”

A half century ago, the kitchen was hidden, reduced to a purely functional role.  Now it shows up and takes the stage.  In restaurants, it is not uncommon to discover the chef behind a glass wall in a perfectly organized stainless steel kitchen, clean and often contemporarily styled.  Here’s a wealth of inspirational ideas on how to treat your kitchen without breaking your bank account.

1. All stainless steel kitchen

Stainless steel is the material of choice for a kitchen manager like Ferran Adria’s kitchen laboratory.  Stainless steel is sturdy, hygienic because it is easy to clean, and flattering to food due to its shiny appearance.  It’s an ideal material for both countertops and  credenzas.

To recreate that “lab spirit” in your home kitchen, you can apply some soft metal adhesive paper imitating brushed steel to your cupboard doors.  The effect is stunning: Thick and solid, and it can be cleaned with a sponge.  You can dress your credenza with a brushed aluminum or stainless steel sheet 0.8 mm thick to be bonded directly over your old wall tiles.  You’re in a professional kitchen already!

2. Shopping lists and menu frames

Chalkboard paint or magnetic paint allows you to display the menu of the day or note the shopping list.  Using a meter and a level, draw a frame on the wall with a pencil: 120×180 cm, for example if you have a wall surface or 50×70 cm for a smaller space.  Stick masking tape along the lines outside the box and paint the inside with chalkboard paint or magnetic grey paint.  For the frame color, black or gray blend well with stainless steel.  You just have to take note of the demands of your guests!

3. Kitchen accessories: The big show

Accessories are the bottom line!  Expose your sets of pan, strainers, and utensils.  For this there are several solutions: Pots of porcelain or stainless steel where you organize your utensils by categories: Carving knives in one, ladles, spoons, and skimmer services in another.  You need at least three.  This is the referring figure in decorative accessories.

Alternatively, use your walls as a storage space.  Setup a support bar (3-4$) on which you hang brackets (2$ for 5 at Ikea).  You just have to hang your pots to have them on hand. Finally, expose your jars filled with pasta, rice, dried beans, and lentils.

Make a special place for your small appliances as well: Brushed stainless steel or red mini-blender, juicer, and toaster.  Even the garbage is exposed: The Vipp pedal bin, created in 1939 has become a design classic in the kitchen.  Still costs about 250$, but the cult is priceless!

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