Good Finds for White Lovers: 15 White Kitchen Accessories

For some people, white is the color (or non-color) of ultimate refinement. From immaculate ceramics to glossy appliances finishes, white gives a futuristic, sober and elegant touch to your kitchen. The richness of textures and visual interest of a kitchen decor is always enhanced by the purity of white materials. If you need to streamline color palettes to keep your kitchen looking clean, white is the perfect color because it lets the colors of the food steal the show! Beside the classic white kitchen furnishing like cabinets and appliances, why not having a look at small white accessories and utensils? You’ll see that simple white pieces don’t have to be bland at all!

All items are available via Amazon otherwise stated.

White kitchen utensils

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1. Le Creuset 7-Piece Spatula Set, White — $99.99
2. Porcelain Full Contact Mortar & Pestle Spice Grinder — $48.00
3. Breadspoons — by Niels Datema
4. Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Lid Lifter — $17.99
5. Architec Recipe Rock – $9.99

Small appliances

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1. Professional Cool Touch Toaster — $29.24
2. Plus D Kangaroo Pocket — $17.95 via LBC Modern
3. Cool Lunch White/Lime – $49.95
4.  Slim Digital Kitchen Scale – $39.95
5.  Cuisipro Scoop and Sift Flour Sifter — $12.09


Food boxes and storage

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1. Lekue Ice Box White — $32.99
2. A Retro Bread Box/Bin in the Kitchen — $39.56
3. Cut and Paste Cutting Boards — $21.05 via BLTD
4.  Oggi EZ Grip Decaf Canister, White — $14.01
5. Umbra Tub Dish Drying Rack, White — $20.00

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