Colorful Verrines and Stylish Appetizer Spoons For A Successful Aperitif

Verrines Glasses and Appetizers Spoons to Enlighten Your Aperitifs - Verrine Glassware

Aperitif verrine glasses and spoons are the new stars of our friendly dinners. Hors d’oeuvre and appetizers are available in these small containers that let you play the card of the variety but also to provide a twist to your table.

A Verrine is an appetizer or dessert that consists of a number of components layered artfully in a small glass. Savory or sweet, cold or warm, sophisticated or casual, Verrines can find their way in any kind of parties. You can find our verrine recipes here.

First seen in the great restaurants and caterers, the verrines have invaded our table. They come in all shapes and colors to suit all our culinary and decorative desires. In the kitchen, these glasses allow you to discover the flavors in small quantities and  multiple variations. As an appetizer or a dessert, the verrines are ideal when served as a duo or trio.

For appetizers mini pastries style, appetizers spoons are essential and appear to be a great way to avoid picking appetizers with sticks or fingers.
Verrines are useful whether for dinner, an aperitif or even a buffet but the decorative aspect should not be overlooked!

  • First, there is no obligation to buy special verrine glasses: all your small shot glasses, candle holders and other glass may do the trick well. On the contrary, play on contrasts with different shapes and sizes. Your table will be more original!
  • Second, be aware that verrines are a matter of creativity. Blend flavors but also play with colors. Verrines also allow to create colored layers that will give life to your table.

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