Winning Tips to Cook Tastier Grains

How-to--Make-Grains-SophisticatedYou can refine cooking grains, the easy way in different ways — by grains I mean everything rice, spelt, quinoa, wheat and so on.  You can toast or sauté the grain first, cooking it in a dry pan or with some fat until it gets a nice fragrant smell, which will enhance its flavor. Add spices, herbs, or pieces of any ingredient you can find: chicken leftovers, dried mushrooms, peas, chickpeas, corn…

Perhaps the easiest way to make your grains way more flavorful and nutritious is to use other liquids than water: stock, juice, wine, any dairy or nondairy milk, or a combination. And when the grain is cooked, you may serve it immediately or keep it aside for a later use. You can also combine cooking methods afterward, like sautéing, or toss it with other ingredients for a creative stir-fry or a cold salad.

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