Top 5 Tips to Eat Healthy Without Starving

Tips For Eating Healthy Without Starving

We all know that to control our weight or just improve our quality of life, it is imperative that we eat healthy. But it is difficult to know how to do so because the recommendations given to us are many and varied. Remember these 5 essential tips to healthy eating.

1. Stick to the recommended daily intake

Stick to the recommended daily intake. Try to keep the following proportions when cooking your meals: 15% protein, 30% of animal fats and vegetables, 45% complex carbohydrates and 10% simple carbohydrates. By following these proportions recommended by health professionals, you will be able to compose balanced meals and a diet that will meet your energy needs.

 2. Vary your diet

Vary your diet.Your body needs certain vitamins and nutrients to function properly. Therefore it is essential to consume many different foods to avoid any deficiencies.

 3. Eat three square meals a day

Eat three square meals a day. A snack in front of the computer or between two meals is you should not do when you want to eat healthy. Indeed, eating 3 square meals a day in a serene and relaxed state will help you avoid a sugar rush two hours after leaving the table.

It is common knowledge that if we eat while watching television, our body doesn’t always absorb what it is eating because our attention is focused on something other than our plate. Hence the cravings coming soon after the meal! Take time to eat and do not forget breakfast!

4. Balance your meals

Balance your meals. It is normal to cook too much at times, but the best way to eat healthy is just learning to balance meals! Combine higher calories products with lighter foods to compensate.
For example, if you have a burning desire for ribs, also have beans cooked with steam.

5. Remove snacking

Remove snacking. Snacking is the number one enemy of healthy eating. It is often responsible for the extra pounds that lead someone to start dieting.

To avoid snacking on a piece of cake after 10pm, make sure to eat to satiety at dinner and end your meal with a fruit that will act as a “sweet treat”. Try it and you may find you have stopped snacking naturally without even realizing it!

Healthy eating is a daily concern. But as you can see, it is not difficult to optimize its power to feel better your body and your head. 5 points are enough!

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