32 Brilliant Hacks to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

small kitchen design pictures images

There is absolutely no reason to feel sorry about a small kitchen because it always has its advantages: it’s cozier, you won’t spend 30 minutes to find something because everything is at hand. Here are some ideas how to make a small kitchen cool. To better give an feeling of space, create contrasts in colors and luminosity. Don’t hesitate to play with materials like brick, glossy paint, wood and plain white. If your kitchen is very small, you can use built-in furniture and appliances and make the dining zone in the main room. Some more pictured ideas are below to help you better design your small kitchen.

1. Headline picture: A big print makes a statement and structures the room.

2. The dark wall draws attention on the shiny stainless steel surfaces

small kitchen interior image

3. Wood drawers contrast with white cabinets and create a modern look with bright green accents.

small kitchen designs photo

4. Glossy mirroring backsplash tiles and copper accessories for a timeless look.

unique small kitchen design picture

5. I love whole kitchen floating like hanging on the stainless steel giant backsplash.

small kitchen organization image

6. A lovely blue box.

small kitchen design image

7. Everything is packed up in a column. Smart.

small kitchen furnishing images

8. A niche opens up the volume.

small kitchen open space makeover picture

9. A smaller kitchen island for a retro chic kitchen

small kitchen layout ideas image

10. Plants and decorations above the windows for a stacked up look in a vintage romantic kitchen.

traditional small kitchen photo

11. Red glossy cabinets and a hick wooden counter make a bold statement!

small kitchen furniture picture

12. The vertical pattern of the white wooden panels for a coastal and elegant look

small kitchen design picture

13. Golden  kitchen furniture for a 1925 style… outstanding!

luxury small kitchen image

14. Grey and purple create a stylish yet mysterious look. Attractive…

elegant small kitchen image

15. White and bright pink wallpaper create a dynamic eat-in corner in this small kitchen

modern small kitchen image

16. The same wood planks are used for the flooring and the backsplash. I like the subtle typographic work on those.

small kitchen design layout image

17. The white plain wood floor create a contrast with the living room. The soft whites of the kitchen make a calm and friendly atmosphere.

small kitchen design ideas

18. Vintage industrial stools floating in a immaculate room. Here’s how to focus attention exactly where you want it!

white small kitchen image

19. Black chalkboard paint is now a classic in eclectic kitchen styles. This still works well, especially in small kitchens.

small kitchen design ideas photos

20. This sober shelving arrangement and the red industrial chair create a focus point that draw the view further than the wall.

small kitchen decor picture

21. The glossy backsplash enhances the cute wood panels.

small kitchen cabinets picture

22. Look at the ladder and bold use of green: Here’s how to make your kitchen look like a workshop and create instant interest. Brilliant!

small home decorating ideas

23. Speaking of green, what do you think of this wall and counter combination? Hint: the brick on the left is here to tame and add texture this color scheme.

small green kitchen

24. Hang some copper cookware above a porrait and you set the scene!

small classic kitchen

25. Don’t be afrai to play with wood and plain white surfaces.

design ideas for small kitchen image

26. This kitchen seems not to be expected here, that’s why it’s so classy!

contemporary small kitchen pictures

27. Mix material and styles to trigger questionings from your visitors.

pretty small kitchen

28. Add some deepness by playing with a bold statement color.

pink small kitchen photo

29. Use structural spaces to hide a maximum of stuff.

pantry in small kitchen picture

30. A ceiling rack is always a good starting point in a small kitchen…

organization ideas for a small kitchen

31. Keep it simple with neutrals and one unique accent color.

ideas for small kitchens photo

32. Show your personality through the items you gathered during your travels. You don’t have to keep them for the living room only!

eclectic small kitchen image

Images source: Pinterest

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