Good Picks: Retro-Themed Kitchen Products

retro kitchen accessoriesWith fashionably designed functional household products, home fashions of the 50’s is an an era that evokes endless nostalgia. Kettles, toasters, hand blenders and other stylish accessories make kitchen chores far more glamorous with their bright red colors and streamlined silhouettes, don’t you think? So to help you make an impression, here are our favorite retro inspired kitchen appliances and accessories to give a 50’s diner look to your kitchen!

1st row:
 Retro Red Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster, by Nostalgia Electrics – $14.82 Amazon
2. Precision Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale, by EatSmart – $27.95 Amazon
3. Filomena Baking Collection – $16.00 to $36.00 Anthropologie
4. Eat Script Letters Sign in Red – $29.99 Amazon
5. Sea Gull Lighting Single Light Pendant  – $78.80 Wayfair

2nd row:
 Compact Refrigerator and Freezer, by Nostalgia Electrics – $207.14 Amazon
7. Retro Kitchen Timer with Magnet, by Fox Run – $11.61 Amazon
8. Wall Mount Bottle Opener – $9.99 Amazon
9. Picnic Cooler, by Amerihome – $57.93 Amazon
10. Retro Series Mini Hot Air Popcorn Popper – $14.99 Amazon

3rd row:
11. Novo Kitchen Towel Holder, by Typhoon – $33.99 Amazon

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