5 Extra Recipe Book Holders

Recipe Book Holder

Do you struggle with reading your cookbook while you get your hands dirty in the kitchen? Keep your recipe book upright and ready for use with a good cookbook holder. These great kitchen accessories provide a stand that maintain your favorite recipe book at reading level while you are cooking. Some items even provide a splatter protection to avoid staining the precious pages with sauces and liquids. So if you’re looking for a solution to make you able to follow your recipes while preparing without having to spoil your recipe book with dirty hands, or if you’re looking to offer a great gift, look no further: here’s a selection of the nicest cookbook stand holders we could find over the internet.

wrought iron recipe book holder photo

With weighted chains and a sculptural fork support ledge this handsome cookbook holder makes reading recipes easy. Buy at Potterybarn for $44.00.

Cook book Holder picture

This modern cookbook holder auto-opens for easy loading and can accommodate very thick and tall books without tipping over. $24.99 via Amazon

Cookbook stand Holder photo

This is no flimsy cookbook holder for sure! This jumbo-sized holder keeps magazines (even extra large cookbooks) upright, and adjusts to the proper angle for recipe reading. Get it at $40.87 on amazon

vintage recipe book holder picture

Crafted of mango wood with a rich, dark finish and an antique-silver plaque, this stand makes a beautiful holder for treasured family recipes or books just off the shelf. The upright design keeps pages safe from spills while placing each cooking secret at reading level. $34.00 via Potterybarn

metal cookbook holder image

This innovative piece is fantastic for holding your place in a cook book or as a plate display. Makes an excellent gift! Buy here for $11.00 via Amazon

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