What’s the Secret of a Successful Chantilly Cream?

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What makes a Chantilly successful? The whipped cream, of course! And it’s the most difficult part to master, even for experienced cooks. Reminder: Chantilly is just whipped cream that you sweeten with castor sugar.

So, to succeed in making your whipped cream, everything must be fresh, from your ingredients to the utensils you use. Ideally, do it in a metal container.

How to make a perfect Chantilly cream

If you have an electric mixer with a whip, that’s fine. Using a stand mixer or hand mixer is also adequate. Doing it by hand is possible but it’s hard to keep the rhythm and energy until you achieve the desired result.

1. Place the liquid whipping cream in the fridge the night before. Place your container (ideally a metal bowl) and the whisks in the fridge 1 hour before.

2. After one hour, take your utensils and cream out of the fridge, pour the cream into the container and beat at medium speed until it begins to foam, then at maximum speed until the whipped cream forms peaks. When it seems almost ready, stop beating and add the tablespoons of sugar one by one (count by about 4 tbsp to 1/3 of a liter of cream). To keep a constant low temperature, you can also put the metal bowl in a water bath filled with ice cubes during whipping.

3. To check if it’s done, raise the whip from the cream. It should leave an imprint that doesn’t move when you tilt the container.

It takes approximately 2 minutes to achieve the desired result with the whipped cream, but it does depend on the device used.

Have fun making Chantilly frosting for your next batch of cupcakes!

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