The Perfect Equipment for Picnickers

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Interacting with nature, enjoying sun and calm when when spring and summer are coming… this is what we are all looking for, away from everyday life. And because this time of relaxation and sharing is becoming more fashionable nowadays than ever, here is the perfect equipment to bring and set up your sunday picnics on the grass, under the shadows of quiet trees.

I suggest you take two different storage compartments: one for cutlery, napkins, tablecloth… and the other for everything food.

Keep food cool for picnic

There are several types of picnic coolers: rigid, flexible and isotherm bags. We suggest that you choose a rigid cooler because it keeps the cold very well. However it is less convenient to use unlike the soft cooler which is easier to transport.

Open and close the cooler very quickly so that it keeps cold as long as possible. Also don’t place it in direct sunlight. For a full day, allow 3 to 4 blocks of ice.

An insulated bag is suitable for short picnics. Don’t go with it fora whole day because it would not retain food cool enough. So choose your cooler depending on the kind of picnic that you organize.

Keep drinks cool

You can drag your drinks in your cooler or invest in a thermos. To be sure to have fresh water, fill 3/4 small bottles, place them in the freezer overnight and then into the basket the next morning. The water will remain very fresh all day long.

Don’t forget tableware!

You can choose between the chic wicker basket with many compartments for forks, knives, plates … Otherwise, a simple beach bag or backpack as part of a hike will do nicely.

Here’s a selection of top-rated and very convenient products available on amazon, because sometimes, these great moments you have with friends and family shouldn’t be messed up by a poor picnic equipment!

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