Kitchen Organization: 10 Smart Ways to Install Your Microwave Under the Counter

microwave under kitchen countertop photo

Last week we were looking different ways of saving space by mounting our microwave in upper kitchen cabinets. Today, we’ll do the opposite way: installing the microwave oven under the counter. This solution is very practical and aesthetic but it needs to be planned ahead during the design phase. Here are 10 ideas on how you can save space and install your microwave oven under the kitchen counter.

under cabinet microwave picturewww.houseofcline.com

install microwave under counter picturewww.squarethree.com

under counter microwave oven photowww.innovateatlanta.com

installing microwave under counter photowww.marciamooredesign.com

how to install microwave under counter pictureswww.turandesigns.net

microwave built in kitchen island picturewww.oldworldkitchens.com

mounting microwave under counter picturewww.gastarchitects.com

how to mount microwave under kitchen cabinet photowww.svdesign.com

how to mount microwave oven under kitchen counter pictureswww.verandaestatehomes.com

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