10 Inspiring Kitchens Under The Stair

A while back we already showed you a bunch of cool space saving solutions to use the small spaces in the kitchen. If you live into a small house or a duplex, maybe you have experienced the fact that there are some spaces in our homes that are wasted and not used. One of these areas is under the stairs. It may be a tiny space, but there is so much that you can pack into that small area. To be a bit more specific, we gathered 10 ways to utilize these spaces that can make a huge difference in your kitchen layout.

Kitchens Placed Under the Stairs

(Photo credits: 1. Elemental Design, LLC, modern kitchen, Seattle / 2. Louise Lakier Photography / 3. Baldridge Architects, Warm materials like a steel countertop balance the modern form of the building, Deep Eddy Residence, Austin TX / 4. Rad Design Inc, two story penthouse loft in an old historic building, Toronto / 5. Loadingdock5 Architecture PLLC, modern kitchen, New York / 6. Thom Filicia Inc., eclectic kitchen, New York / 7. Hobbs’ Ink, neo-prairie style kitchen, Austin TX / 8. Manchester Architects, Inc., contemporary kitchen, Denver / 9. Bates Masi Architects LLC, modern kitchen, New York / 10. Mark English Architects, AIA, modern kitchen, San Francisco )

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