4 Tips For a Successful Beach Picnic

picnic at the beachBecause vacations on the coast are better enjoyed outdoor, picnic is your best ally with its wonderful combination of sun, sea, and food! Picnics provide a great opportunity to get the whole family out together as everyone will find something to enjoy at the beach! To better enjoy your meal time, here are 4 tricks for a successful picnic meal at the beach.

1. Bet on fragrant mixes of ingredients: Try a delicious raw tuna salad, Tahitian style with lemon and coconut milk. Or take an Asian twist with soy sauce and raw vegetables.

2. Don’t underestimate to power of a green salad: Mix lettuce with market vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, black olives, feta and mint leaves. Bring a small bottle of olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar. Green salad is perfect to help digestion so you won’t feel embarrassed when you’ll (have to) play volley ball with kids!

3. Cold soups: Bring your coolest bottled gazpacho. This cold soup will refresh you under the sun while having a healthy lunch!

4. Fruit or dessert: Consider a watermelon (or a half). It is extremely refreshing and friendly!

Don’t forget to pack your picnic: cutlery, tablecloth or mat, towels, cups, trash bags, a mosquito repellent, can opener and bottle opener and plenty of fresh water!

(Photo by laura Donald)

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