Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid in Kitchen Decoration

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The kitchen is one of the rooms where the family gets together very regularly! It’s a friendly room that opens the “show” and even tends to replace the dining room for meals. So much to say that we should not overlook the decor of the kitchen. Here are the mistakes to avoid for a successful kitchen design.

1. Avoid fragile surfaces in the kitchen

In the kitchen, we must be vigilant in the choice of materials as they will be subjected to various incidents. In fact, if you want to install a wooden floor in your kitchen, go for exotic species that are more resistant to moisture which might stain a traditional oak or walnut parquet. For walls, consider choosing paint suitable for kitchens and go for a satin finish or lacquer that will wash the surface.

2. Don’t neglect your refrigerator

The refrigerator is not always very aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen. To remedy this, you can use specially designed stickers to dress the walls of refrigerators. You will also find giant magnets that will transform the surface of your refrigerator.

3. Do not just put white on the walls

The kitchen may be a functional room but that does not mean it shouldn’t be decorated! And as it is a dynamic space that combines several activities, we can afford a colorful painting on a wall. Our advice: bet on a bright color like red, orange or yellow. Use the credenza to bring some contrast with color or reflecting materials.

4. Do not choose your appliances randomly

In contemporary kitchens, small appliances no longer hide in cabinets but are proudly displayed on the countertop. Choose your appliances taking the design into account. To give a retro touch to your kitchen, choose a Kitchen Aid robot and if you prefer contemporary lines, highlight your Nespresso machine.

(PHOTO: Aviadbarness.com)

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