How to Give Your Kitchen Decoration a Personal Stamp

Make a Kitchen Your Own

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the house because it is where we often gather as we prepare meals, eat and play. Since we spend much time there, we should consider how to make this space unique and personable.
Even if all the kitchens are essentially made from the same basis, there are several ways to marry function and form intelligently and creatively to make it your own. Whether you are starting from scratch, renovating or just looking to make some changes, here are 18 tips for creating an effective single, unexpected look that is anything but cookie cutter.

1. Combine different decorative styles

The kitchen may be a more functional space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be treated with the same design approaches as a living room or bedroom. For example, combining a modern table and chairs with a Southwestern rug and rustic cabinetry creates a vibe that is both eclectic and sophisticated.

2. Add color with bright chairs

Punch up your kitchen’s personality by adding colors with bright chairs. You can play with fun shapes and bar stools for example.
You can also mix and match the same chair model in different colors for an even more playful approach.

3. Mix and match wood species

Choosing one type of wood is hard enough, so why not coordinate several essences? The composition results in a natural mood that is both eclectic, earthy and unusual.

4. Set the stage with a solid bold color or multiple vibrant colors

No kitchen is getting lost in a white background when it’s outfitted by turquoise cabinetry. A solid color can stage the kitchen as soon as we create a contrast with it. Wooden cabinets for white walls.
Instead of opting for just one uniform color, mix it up with several. When your color scheme is daring enough, you don’t need additional accessories.

5. Get creative with your kitchen cabinets

Consider sliding panels for your cabinets instead of traditional doors. Slide them to reveal your key cooking accessories at a time instead of opening and reopening the cupboards in search of the long time missing pan.. To make it even more interesting, choose a decorative panel that serve as an artwork.

6. Be more creative when coping with corners: use corner drawers!

You should use space efficiently by installing corner drawers. These innovative solutions eliminate the hassle of losing items behind your regular cabinets back walls.

7. Accessorize creatively

Treat your kitchen as you would do with any other room of the house and sneak in playful accessories. Bookshelves can add a smart touch for example!

8. Turn your range hood into a focal point

Kitchen range hoods often look same way, mainly because of the metal material. By choosing a range hood with an original shape it truly becomes a kitchen design element by itself.

9. Install a kitchen island with different height levels

Who said everything should flat and even? By installing various countertop heights this will increase the visual appeal of your room an create dynamism. It will also add function by creating comfortable surface levels for both eating and preparing meals.

10. Install a built-in bookcase into your kitchen island

Make your island  chic and functional with attached shelving to display your kitchen essential tools and decorative items.

11. Consider an interesting shape for your island

Kitchen islands are often square or rectangular shaped. An unusual shape will make it more attractive and may provide useful extra surface areas.

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