10 Tips to Offer a Second Life to your Kitchen

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“These little things that make everything”

Your kitchen makes a sad face, a little tired, or is sorely lacking pizzazz. You may want to change this, but engaging in large-scale work is irrelevant. Give your kitchen new life in 10 steps, and you’ll see it in a different light. So follow these tips:

1 – Paint your walls with a healthy glow

A classic: change the color of the walls! And feel free to use a bold color to awaken your kitchen. No need to repaint all because of the risk of stifling it visually, but rather prefer painting a single wall. To give a real “decorative presence”, choose a strong color like crimson, lemon yellow or purple. The advantage of painting only one wall is that when you are tired of the color, you just have to paint it over, it is just as easy!

2 – Give a second life for your kitchen cabinets

Tired of your cabinets fronts? You don’t need to replace them, use paper tape instead. Something simple and inexpensive is to revamp them by cutting self-adhesive sheet which applied directly to the facades. The metal stick in soft Vénilia (from $ 15 per roll) decorate all surfaces and is perfect for a contemporary look. Just avoid using them on cabinets with traditional crown molding.

3 – Sorting

Now that you have nice closets, a large storage is required. Start by sorting your dishware and discard anything that looks strange. When sorting out your old stored foods – old cans, airy bags of spices airy – you’ll see that you’ll save space!

4 – Think about your organization

Good simple advice: everything you use the most often should be at the front of the cabinet, so you don’t have to move every time you want to use it. Salt, pepper, spices should be easily accessible. Ikea for example, offers small round boxes with lids to see the content and which magnetize on the fridge or a steel credenza. For a few dollars, why deprive yourself?

5 – Change the handles of your kitchen cupboards and cabinets

Add a decorative detail that makes the difference right away: the handles of the cabinets. Assign a different style while changing your handles and buttons. Stick with your metallic effect, prefer long handles with a contemporary style. If it’s a “country house” you have in mind, you must choose all-out limed wooden buttons.

6 – Give your kitchen appliances some colors

After painting your piece of wall with a beautiful carmine red, keep the effect of the color down on your work surface. Invest for example, in a blender, a toaster or an espresso machine of the same color. Manufacturers have understood this and today, each robot, refrigerator and toaster comes in different colors. Much cheaper: the colander! With all the children of colors available, it is very decorative on the wall.

7 – Take care of your lights

You can change the whole atmosphere with light sources tweaking. It is much easier with those little LED lights. Just stick them and they bring a touch of freshness. Place them under the wall cabinets to chase shadows and open the visual space. Some are even adjustable and can be placed inside cabinets to light up when you open it. An interesting trend is to put the lights on top of the cabinet to illuminate the wall. Pendants and spotlights can be combined to emphasize certain areas of your kitchen.

8 – Let your walls speak

Decorate your walls with different frames! Use of large industrial-style letters and words such as dial Yum Yum, Bon appetite and so on … And complete your expression box by painting on a wall a wide band stretching from floor to ceiling with paint blackboard. Two coats are necessary for a clear result. Then it only remains to write your last chocolate cake recipe, shopping list or daily menu.

9 – Warm up your kitchen floor

Cold tiles are in! Cover your floor with a carpet thin and long and place it in preference to the sink. Another solution is to invest in a vinyl floor. The new models are very decorative. Stone imitation, limed floor, grass … They set the stage alone and are inexpensive.

10 – Last tip

It’s always good to keep your kitchen tidy as it is more pleasant to go there and cook. Be sure to ventilate the room 5 minutes each day for fresh air, even when it’s cold.

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