A Beginner’s Guide to Cookware

A Beginner’s Guide to Cookware - Kitchen Cookware Essentials - Best Kitchen Cookware ABeginner’s Guide to Cookware Choosing the right cookware. What skillet to saute some vegetables? How to choose the right pot for cooking stews or for roasting meats and poultry? What is the best pan for cooking fish, the round one or the elongated one?  These are common questions that we aim to find the answer for you!

To become the king or queen of the furnaces, you must equip yourself with a set of practical and quality cookware.

The good cookware make the good dishes: sauteed, fried, stir-fried, braised, warmed, stewed…

Pots and pans are simple basic cooking equipment. They are simply basic instruments of cooking for everything that should go on heat and cook, boil, be warmed and so on… You have to meet several different uses.

For cooking basics we must be able to find:

  • A saute pan or a skillet to sauté meat
  • A saute pan to sauté some vegetables, ommelette, crepe and more
  • Pot for cooking pot in a liquid (pasta, vegetables…)
  • Cast iron cocotte for cooking stews and braiser
  • Basin to book or get rid of scraps

Stainless steel and cast iron cookware are the most popular material because of their resistance and absence of chemical transfers between metal and food.

If you opt for stainless steel cookware, chose it with with a thick bottom, and possibly a removable or metal handle so you can use it in your oven too.

Cast iron has the best heat diffusion properties: it cooks food evenly at low or very high temperatures.

To help you to find the most adapted cookware, here are the cookware essentials and their functions. 

 Types of Cookware

To keep food warm and disencumber

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