How to Successfully make your Homemade Jam and Jelly

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What is a perfect addition to tea time or breakfast that you can open with pride? A jar of self-made jam! If you feel like it, here’s what to do.

To enjoy summer fruit all year long, nothing is better than jam.  And that’s good, because it’s the right time to get out our pot and 5 kg bag of jam sugar! But before plunging our hands into fruits, we must sterilize the jars that we will be using so our jams have a longer shelf life.

We place the pots and lids into a pot or pan.  They are covered with water and brought to boil for 20 to 25 minutes.  Let them dry naturally and avoid wiping them with a cloth so you don’t put germs inside.

Thorough preparation

Here is a little advice before embarking on the preparation.  Ideally, you would need a copper basin so that the heat is distributed evenly, but a stainless steel pot can easily do the trick.  Then, have a wooden spoon on hand to stir, and a slotted spoon to remove the foam that forms during cooking.

The choice of fruit for the jam

Many fruits can be made into jam.  Those that contain the most pectin are the ones that perform better, such as apples or quinces, for example.  The ratio varies depending on the natural sugar content of the fruit.  However, strawberries, gooseberries, and kiwi will be the same: 1 2/3 lbs (750 gr) of sugar for  2lbs (1kg) of fruit.  To remove blackberries and currants seeds, put them in a food mill.  Try the original tomato jam! For 8 lbs (4 kg ) of tomatoes, you will need 8 lbs (4 kg) of sugar,  élbs (1kg) of apple pectin, and 2 lemons.


We put fruit and sugar in the bowl or copper pot that is brought to a boil and maintained for precisely 20 minutes, then stir regularly.  Next, we lower the heat and do the test of the cold plate.  What is this? Simply pour a drop of our precious mixture onto a cold plate.  If it freezes right away, it’s done!

Once the test is passed, fill your jars to the brim, because the jam tends to reduce thereafter.  Hint: return immediately to your pot for 5 minutes to prevent condensation.

Last step

Cool your pot in a sink filled with cold water for half an hour.  The jam will congeal better and get a more beautiful color.  You can eat it immediately, but know that if you wait another week before opening your jars, the flavor will have had time to blend and develop.

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