Help! How to Make Whipped Cream Last Longer?

How to Keep Whipped Cream for LongerQuestion: “When I want to make a dessert for a party and the recipe calls for handmade whipped cream, I just cannot manage to keep it right. It always deflates and lose its luster in less than one hour. So, after making whipped cream from scratch, how can I store it if I don’t use it right away?” Sent by Adrian, VA

Editor: It’s true that whipped cream prepared by hand (or mixer) must be served immediately. But as its not always practical for various organization reasons, you can make it a little ahead of time and keep the bowl and beaters in the fridge for a few hours, then just give it a final whip right before assembling your dessert and serving. Try adding a tablespoon of mascarpone, your whipped cream should last a few hours.

But if you’re looking to keep whipped cream perky and upright no matter how long you store it (for a large gathering or a buffet), you will need a stabilizing agent like unflavored gelatin or agar agar. Prepare you whipped cream from scratch as usual then blend with the gelatin mixture. Once blended, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and store into your refrigerator. You’ll keep it this way for three to four days.

(Picture by Lotherington, Creative Common)

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