People eat far less meat today than they used to, for the same reasons many others do: less meat is better for your health, the environment, and of course your budget. So when we look at meat as a treat, and when we do cook it, we just want it to taste — very — good.

how to cook meat

If we want to cook good meat, that means buying meat from a good quality source, selecting the right cut for the right cooking method, seasoning it well, and cooking it as well as you can: all stuff you’ll learn by following the articles of this category.

Meat recipe list

To properly judge the doneness of meat can be very intimidating to everyone but the most seasoned cooks. In fact there is no particular trick to get a steak medium-rare or a rib fall-off-the-bone tender, the truth is that cooking meat is like cooking anything else as you need to know which method to employ for your ingredient. This means which cooking technique to use for the animal and cut you have. Then you have to practice until you get a good feeling of the whole process. By the same time, if things don’t turn out quite the way you’d hoped, you will likely still be pleased as you cooked the food by yourself!

Here are the easiest, most efficient ways to grill, broil, roast, pan-sear, braise, and stir-fry meat. Our still growing collection of article will show you how to flavor meat before, during, and after cooking. Ultimately, you will understand that preparing meat is not a big deal at all. The techniques being the same whether you’re cooking beef, lamb, or pork, you will be able to expand your recipe arsenal quickly.

Meat recipe list


Rib Steak a la Plancha and Barbecue Sauce

beef roast - Beef Stew in Red Wine image

Beef Stew in Red Wine

meat recipes - Roast Lamb Shank in Oven image

Roast Lamb Shank in Oven

beef recipe - Veal Stew with Asparagus Mushrooms image

Veal Stew with Asparagus Mushrooms

Recipe meat - Braised Pork Tenderloin image

Braised Pork Tenderloin

Meat recipes - Slow Cooking Lamb Leg image

Slow Cooking Lamb Leg

meat stuffing recipe - Duck Confit Gratin image

Duck Confit Gratin

Meat food recipes - Learn to Roast a Lamb Rack image

Learn to Roast a Lamb Rack

Beef recipes easy - Beef Yakitori with Swiss Cheese image

Beef Yakitori with Swiss Cheese

cooking meat - Veal Stew with Asparagus Mushrooms image

Veal Stew with Asparagus Mushrooms


How to Cook a Prime Rib at Low Temperature

Easy meat recipe - Roasted Herbed Lamb Saddle image

Roasted Herbed Lamb Saddle

cooking meat recipe - BBQ Rabbit Skewers image

BBQ Rabbit Skewers

beef recipes - French Pot-au-feu image

French Pot-au-feu

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