Kitchen Decor: How to Make the Most of a High Ceiling

What to do about a huge ceiling in a kitchen? Most of the time it’s a big asset for your home, but it can be stressing not to know how to make the most of it. Here’s 10 ways you can accessorize the vertical space of you kitchen or dining room to enhance the sensation of space and create a bold and personalized living space.

1. Paint one wall with a bold accent color. This is easy and inexpensive, but will act as a large art piece to embrace the space. Picture by ZeroEnergy.

2. Extend the stove and range hood to the ceiling if possible. Cover the wall with an interesting facing material — rock, stone, brick, tile, wood, stucco or accent color. Photo by John K. Anderson Design.

3. Arrange artwork so that it climbs up the wall — whether one large piece or multiple pieces — to draw the eye up into the volumes. You can also hang a beautiful large contemporary rug on the wall. Many contemporary rugs look like modern art! Via Spore Architecture.

4. Hang a large statement fixture, weither its lighting of storage as in the picture. Center over the kitchen island or a table. This is a very important element in creating interest in the center volume of the room. By Krieger + Associates.

5. Play with natural light. Make openings in the roof where it’s possible to ensure a maximum of natural light at every hour of the day. Photo by Precision Cabinets & Trim.

6. Build a wall covered with shelving and place a library ladder to access the upper shelves. Accessorize artistically with vases, books, art. You’ll be amazed at how dramatic and beautiful the space can be. Picture by Streeter & Associates.

7. Highlight functional spaces with structural elements like this canopy that integrates light fixtures and range hood. By Bunker Workshop.

8. Compose a wall score with cabinets and artwork, this gives a rythme to an otherwise blank space. Photo by Precision Cabinets & Trim.

9. Frame the stove top and the range hood with shelves that climbs the wall. Arrange decorative items along with your utensils and tableware; this will create an eclectic and friendly look. Picture by Nouvelle Cuisine.

10. Furnish your kitchen or adjacent spaces with tall plants or large scale accessories or anything else that draws the eye upward. Photo via DigsbyKaty


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