Secrets of a Friendly Kitchen

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Secrets of a friendly kitchen

The family kitchen should be primarily practical, well thought out, but also decorative.  It is a room where the whole family loves to meet, but it’s not always clear whether it is to everyone’s tastes.  So here are some decorating ideas to think about and adopt.

Practical storage

Ideally you should store utensils at your fingertips.  Having shelves on the work plan will avoid endless trips.  Use XXL drawers for storing electrical appliances such as family fryers.

Clever operational space

The “L” is the most common kitchen layout.  The problem with this arrangement is that you lose the space at the right angle.  Save space by putting the sink area in this corner.  With the same size as a traditional sink, it can keep the work plan free without losing room for the cabinets.

Stay very decorative!

Red is a color that appeals to both men and women, as well as children.  When it’s present on a wall, in accessories and textiles, it does not overload the space.  Stimulating and energizing, it will wake up the little family in the morning with a good state of mind!  Red is also known as a color that encourages appetite.  The good thing about red is that this color can be used with any natural material; wood, stone, tiles, etc.

Create another dimension in the room

Instead of limiting the practical function of the kitchen, you can enrich it while introducing some foreign elements like a bookcase or bookshelves, for example.  It will create a new dimension and bring a warm and friendly atmosphere while encouraging you to read a book as you cook.  Some literature classics will be more than welcome!  Don’t overdo it with your cookbook collection as it will seem too obvious.  Or just like the picture above, some shelvings with collectible objects will add some spirit to your kitchen, just like a little museum.

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