Dine in Style: The 5 Coolest Chopstick Sets to Try

Want to change from the usual fork/knife combo for a cool and elegant way to eat your food? Chopsticks are what you’re looking for. Chopsticks are the perfect utensil to pick up your favorite bites: sushis, chops, rice, pasta, vegetables, steamed fish, meat chops, fruit to dip into various flavorings — soy sauce, nuoc mam, barbecue sauce, yogurt or cheese dips, chocolate fondue… Their use can be a bit tedious at the beginning, but you’ll be able to master it after a while. You can also use chopsticks for a nice addition to your table setting, simply place a chopstick set on the side or across a decorative plate to set an stylish and exotic mood immediately! Ready to try using chopsticks for your lunches or dinners? We have selected 5 great popular chopsticks sets to get you started:

1. Green clothespin chopsticks – $3.95 via CB2
2. Compact chopstick – $22.00 by Uncommon Goods
3. Pair of Chopstick Bowls in Graphite Gray and Clementine by Nstarstudio – $50.00 via Etsy
4. Aero Chopsticks with Rest – $24.95 by Crate and Barrel
5. Kai 14″ Serving Dish with Chopsticks – $16.95 by Crate and Barrel

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