DIY: Holiday Paper Crackers

holiday crackers diyWhat better way to decorate your New Year’s Eve dinner table than with some handmade crackers? They are so easy to make… stuff them with confetti or candies, or use them as really cool gift boxes for small party favors. Here’s a step by step tutorial to make you own holiday crackers with minimum supplies. Customize them to your taste or your color theme!

candy crackers

how to make a candy cracker

diy new years eve party poppers

holiday party poppers


  • Paper cracker template (download)
  • Cooking twine or ribbon for tying the crackers
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Cutter
  • Cracker snaps (optional)


diy crackersdiy crackers template

Download and print our cracker template on a A4 format, thick paper sheet. Decorate the other side with any pattern and color you like. Here we used golden acrylic paint. If you have kids, we bet they will love to help!

how to make party crackersdiy party crackers

Once the paint is dry, cut the template, following the lines on the back.

paper cracker ideaspaper cracker template

Fold, following the tip and the center of the losanges. Then pre-cut the center of the crackers by cutting small dots.

paper cracker tutorialhow to make paper crackers

Roll the cracker and close using the small notches. Don’t forget to put some treats inside! You can glue a cracker snap in the center if you want that surprising “pop” sound.

paper crackerschristmas poppers

Then close the cracker and tie with twine.

christmas crackers


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