DIY Christmas Ruffle Wreath

Still have no clue how to decorate your front door for the Holidays? Follow this DIY and With only a few craft supplies, you’ll have a magnificent Holiday wreath to hang to your door!



  • Felt – amount varies depending on the size of your wreath and density of ruffles, 2 yards (approx. 2 meters) by 40-inch (1 meter) is more than enough.
  • Stick Pins: count between 240 to 300 depending on your wreath size and the density of ruffles
  • Pinking shears or a circle rotary cutter. We like the texture produced by the pinking shears, it takes longer to cut the circles, but the textured effect is great.
  • A polystyrene (Styrofoam) wreath form in your preferred size (you can use anywhere from 12-inch to 20-inch diameter)


Easy way to make a fabric wreath

1. Start by cutting your felt circles. 2-inch (6cm) diameter is a good starting point.

DIY Fabric Wreath

2. To affix the felt circles to the wreath, fold the felt circle in half

Wreath Tutorial EASY
3. Then in half again (your piece should look like a folded crepe).
Great tutorial for how to make a wreath

4. Use a stick pin and push it through the felt, just up from the corner bottom.

super simple holiday wreath

3.  And then pin the felt into the polystyrene.How to make your own Christmas ornament wreath

4. Repeat this process, arranging your ruffles in a 4 corners set, so that the polystyrene does not show through.
super simple holiday wreath-diy

How To Make Your Own  Christmas Wreath
4. Start to fluff and open your ruffles as you go along. You don’t have to cover the wreath with felt on all sides. Continue to add rows of felt circles until you are happy with the look and overall coverage of the wreath.


For this example, we alternate 3 sets of 4 white circles and one sets of 4 red circles. Inner row alternates only 2 whites sets for 1 red set.



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