How to Craft an Unforgettable Dining Table Presentation


To prepare a beautiful table, you need to think about every detail. This includes the presentation of all the dishes that you will offer your guests! There are 10 things to keep in mind to craft a beautiful presentation, so I invite you to discover what makes a party table decor unforgettable.


1. The appetizer to top

To start the meal, they treat the presentation as an aperitif! You can submit your biscuits and other nibbles on a servant; floors give height to your table and will be the center of attention. Geometric Design Cake Stand – $35.00 via Etsy.


2. Don’t use any plastic container on the table

To add elegance to any event, put aside any plastic bottles and replace them with glass pitchers. They create surprise and add an important touch of style on your table. Same goes with wine bottles and wine decanters.  Water and Wine Carafe by Menu – $50.00 via Amazon


3. Charger plates

During the meal, you should showcase your most beautiful plates with a charger plate that your set at the bottom. You can choose contrasting colors or pattern, or blend the two plates together. Know that we should not stack more than two plates together. “Alencon” dinnerware set — $280.00 by Horchow. Carved Architectural Charger – by pottery barn.com $12.50


4. Salad set

How to serve salad in a stylish way? Simply choose these covered wooden sala bowld in a very kind signed by the very stylish brand Arthur Court Perla, $39.99 via Amazon. Arthur Court Perla 2-Piece 13-1/2-Inch Wood Serving Set – $39.99

5. Bread becomes a decorative element

Leave the traditional bread basket aside and opt for a linen cotton basket that will look much nicer! In addition, you can adapt it to the size of the bread by folding or bending linen as required.

6. Bread on the table

If you do not cut the bread and let your guests serve themselves at their convenience, you can present bread on a nice cutting board with markers to help to cut each slice.

7. Put butter under a glass bell

And to accompany the bread, no question of serving butter in its foil wrapper! Find a beautiful butter or cheese bell that will bring elegance to the table. Do not hesitate to hunt down this kind of object in a flea market for even more charming tabletop pieces.

8. The same goes with cheese…

Just like butter, cheese will also be presented in under a glass bell, not only for a better decoration on your table but also to contain any odors that may disturb your guests. Play the map by selecting a simple wooden tray covered with a transparent glass cheese bell.

9. Put dessert on a pedestal

To make the dessert the true pinnacle of your meal, don’t hesitate to put it on a cake stand. To do this, choose a cake stand that will value your cakes, cookies or even fruits on the table.

10. The café also plays the card decoration

Don’t release the pressure, keep the attention of your audience until coffee time. Put on a pretty matching service set and do not forget to bring some cookies! Barrel top tray by Pottery Barn

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