Tips: How to Use Lemon in Savory Dishes

Cooking with Lemon — How to Use Lemon in Savory DishesEssential as a condiment, lemon — juiced or zested — brings is used in kitchens around the world, and not only for dessert! Here’s a few tips to help you make the most of a lemon in your savory recipes:

No fish without lemon!
It’s a classic: Simply add a dash of lemon juice on your fish fillets, or lay 2 or 3 lemon slices on top, this helps the fish to stay very firm and fragrant.

In marinades
Especially with white meat, lemon brings taste while making flesh softer; this allows you to cook it quicker and keep it juicy. Rabbit, chicken and veal go particularly well with a marinade and a lemon sauce.

Cooking without cooking
Lemon’s natural acidity allows it to “cook” ingredients naturally. This property is used in the Tartar, carpaccio but especially in the ceviche, traditional dish of Central America where the fish (bass, sea bream) is literally “cooked” by the lime juice. It is also flavored with coconut milk and coriander.

Candied with salt
In the Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine, salty candied lemon is a popular condiment. Used in tagines (chicken or fish), use it cut into pieces. It is prepared by marinating lemons in salt for a long time.

As a substitute for vinegar
In a sauce, lemon juice replaces brilliantly vinegar for salad dressings but also for hot sauces, béarnaise or hollandaise sauces.

In India, cooks add lime juice off the heat in the curry to enhance it in a subtle way.

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