Super-Foods: Discover the Benefits of Spelt

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Spelt is an ancient cereal grain which origins traces back a long time before many wheat hybrids were developed by agriculture. Numerous of spelt benefits come from the fact that it brings a wider range of nutrients in regard of other species in the wheat family. Recently receiving a vivid interest, spelt can be used in many of the same ways as wheat like bread and pasta. You can also use it like rice in your risotto recipes. This grain does not seem to cause allergies in many people who are wheat intolerant. Spelt products can be easily found in your local health food store all year-round, it’s scarcer in department stores but it’s still possible to find some.

The nutty flavor of spelt is well known and popular in Europe since a long time. Italians name it “Farro”, German call it “Dinkle”, French talk about “Epautre”. Ancient Romans named it “Farrum”, and its origins can be traced back to early Mesopotamia civilizations. Being one of the oldest of grains to be grown by ancient cultivators, spelt is finding a renewed popularity on Western markets and especially on American market.

Benefits of spelt grain

The grain is naturally high in fiber, and contain significantly more protein than wheat. Spelt grain is also higher in B vitamins concentration levels, as well as both simple and complex carbohydrates.

Spelt Flour

Spelt offers a high-protein and low gluten quality flour. It has a subtle and pleasant nutty flavor and you can use it as a great wheat substitute if you’re subject to a low tolerance for wheat. But do some testing first before some people with dealing with allergies are also sensitive to spelt. You can find both white and whole grain spelt flour.

So if you’re looking for a new idea that’s been tested by the ages, discover our delicious spelt recipes:

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