Tips: 5 Easy Things to Cook Lighter Meals

How to cook light - How to Cook Healthier Meals - Healthy Cooking Tips Whether you’re planning a diet, monitoring your waistline line or just looking to facilitate a better digestion, it is always useful to know how to cook light.  Indeed, light cuisine is not only a good way to drive away your extra pounds, but it’s also a considerable aid for digestion.

In addition, light cooking does not require extraordinary efforts.  If you adopt these 5 tips, you can really ease your daily meals.

1. Reduce fat

This is obvious.  Fat is the sworn enemy of people watching their weight.  Yet it often seems normal to bathe our food with oil or butter.  Instead use olive oil, which is less rich in saturated fatty acids.

Better yet, you can invest  in a non-stick pan to cook your meat and fish, or focus on steaming.For your cake, rather than lining the baking dish with butter or oil, why not opt for parchment paper?

2. Opt for fresh products

You may not necessarily have time to cook, but it is still advisable to prepare the dishes by yourself.  Indeed, the energy intake of prepared meals (saturated fat and salt) is much higher than homemade dishes.  Don’t trust every “fat-free” or “lighter” product coming from the supermarket as they can be expensive and not satisfying.
Cooking by yourself using fresh products gives you better control over the fats you use and ensures that you’re satisfied at the end of your meal.

3. Calculate portions

This is a very important point that should not be ignored if you want to prepare lighter and healthier meals.  You will need to know how to balance your energy intake.  While it is advisable to consume all foods to vary your diet, the amount should be given special attention.

A small portion of fries complemented by an average serving of steamed green beans allows you to eat a fun food and be satiated without seeing the effects on your waistline! Check this post to learn how you can better control your meal portions.

4. Degrease meats

Chicken is a lean meat … except when you leave the fat and skin on!  A small tip: Baking and grilling can de-fat the meat; the fat will sink in the bottom of the dish.  Here you can learn how to enjoy healthy cooking and use grill and griddles to cook your meat.

5. Bet on spices and condiments

Lighter and fat-free meal are often criticized for their lack of taste.  Admittedly, our taste buds are not especially happy to enjoy 200 grams of steamed broccoli upfront.

To break the monotony and uniformity of taste, there is nothing like a pinch of curry, ginger or basil.  This way you will vary tastes and pleasures!  Here’s a popular post about using spice and herbs for your every day cooking.

With these five methods to cooking lighter, you can enjoy balanced meals and manage your caloric intake.  This way you will not have to begin a hard diet to get rid of a few extra pounds that appeared because of eating unhealthy cuisine.  Practice some regular physical activity and you will be at your best!

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