Meal Upgrade: 5 Ways for Cooking with Tea

cooking with green teaTea isn’t meant to act only as a hot or iced drink! Professional chefs around the world explore constantly the multiple benefits of tea in the kitchen. Discover these 5 tips for discovering and preparing wonderful dishes with tea in all its forms.

The golden rule
Never use used tea! Its tart taste would make you regret it. Conversely, don’t let the tea leaves steep for too long: 1-3 minutes in boiling water, maximum.

Filter the aromas
To gently perfume your recipes, crush dried tea leaves with a pestle or use matcha tea powder. Put it in your muffin batter, your fish rillettes, your savory cakes… It’s delicious! Whatever the liquid in which you dipped the tea leaves (water, juice …), don’t forget to filter. Tea copes well with sauces. If you put a few leaves in the pan to cool heated cream idem, remember to filter the mixture.

Flavor your marinades
Make a marinade mix of infused Chai tea with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, lemon juice, garlic and ginger. Soak your pork or chicken chops, and make the difference on your next grilling session!

Smoke food in the wok
Put some spices and dried tea leaves (it’s even better if dried as Lapsang Souchong) on an aluminium foil lining the bottom of a wok. Place a grid over, on which you put strips of vegetables and meat. Heat the wok over high heat until smoke appears. Put the lid on for 15 minutes. It’s ready! of course, if you have a stove smoker set, use it as usual.

An original breadcrumbs
Crush dried tea leaves and spices to dress your fish. Mix with oil or a beaten egg. This new kind of breading will appeal to children for sure!

Recipes using tea
If you want to go further, here’s a selection of recipes from our index:

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