15 Creative Dish Towels to Add Colors in Your Kitchen

fluo dish towel pics

Hay & Scholten & Baijings tea towels$32.00 via Aplusrstore

coton color dish towels photos

Tag Jardin 100% Cotton Dishtowels$21.99 via Amazon

colorful tea towel picture

Latticework Tea Towel by Avril Loretti$25.00 via Etsy

mexican purple dish towel image
neon pink dish towel photo

Neon pink deer antlers dish towel, by Oelvein$21.30 via Etsy

modern linen tea towel pictures
orange waffle dishcloths photo

Waffle Dishcloths — $18.00 via Anthropologie

blue dish towel picture

Blue sausage dog dish towel — £10 via Howkapow

colorful nature tea towel photo

Afterglow Dishtowels$24.00 via Anthropologie

yellow color dishtowel image

Chevron pixel tea towel — by Pigeon Toe

modern yellow and blue dishtowels pictures

Scandinavian trees teat towel$9 via West Helm

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coton color dish towels thumbnail
contemporary bright pink dishtowels thumbnail
colorful tea towel thumbnail
mexican purple dish towel thumbnail
colored modern dishtowel thumbnail
neon pink dish towel thumbnail
pastel colors dish towel thumbnail
contemporary dish towels blue thumbnail
modern linen tea towel thumbnail
orange waffle dishcloths thumbnail
blue dish towel thumbnail
colorful nature tea towel thumbnail
yellow color dishtowel thumbnail
modern yellow and blue dishtowels thumbnail

When considering color in the kitchen, the first things that comes to mind is usually brightly colored appliances, or a vivid coat of glossy paint. The great thing about dish towels is that it’s an opportunity to incorporate great patterns and splashes of color without having to paint everything in your kitchen again!

Graphic prints, brightly colored patterns and screen prints… Here’s my selection of bright colored dishtowels designs, just for you:

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