Kitchen Organization: 10 Inspirations to Maximize your Kitchen Space

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When referring to the organization of a kitchen, we mostly think of gadgets, dishes, and other non-perishable items.  But since a residential kitchen isn’t as likely to have chopped veggies and herbs sitting out all night in little dishes, we always need a place for everything, and everything definitely needs a place.  Here’s some inspiration about how to define a spot for everything in the kitchen in 12 shots.

plates stacker imagePHOTO: www.tarekelsallab.com

Stacking plates is the option we all know, but sometimes it leads to some misfortune when everything crashes down on the floor because of some mistake… A good plate stacker will definitely help, considering you can sort your plates by their dimensions.

contemporary double drawer photowww.divinekitchens.com 

Double drawers are staples in many kitchens nowadays, be sure to have enough vertical space in the bottom drawer to fill it up with your most sturdy and large pots.

kitchen Organization counter top picturePHOTO: www.pacificnwcabinetry.com

Vertical drawers are welcome when we need to organize spices boxes, salt, pepper and small utensils. They help to fill the gap between larger cabinets that come in standardized sizes.

drawer bread box imagePHOTO: www.bradcostainless.com

This simple drawer allows to keep bread safe from dust and drying up. Smart isn’t it?

kitchen organizing with shelves imagePHOTO: www.kitchenlabdesign.com

These custom shelves frame the refrigerator, offering more space to store various items while maximizing the dead space in front of the radiator.

Organization ideas In the KitchenPHOTO: www.kentkitchenworks.com

Ok, I admit this is more like a gadget. But please consider that retro-lighting in a large drawer is a good thing when it’s 10pm and you need some obscure stuff you use only twice a year!

kitchen organizing ideas picturesPHOTO: www.bonfiglidesign.com

This is my favorite by far! Storing herbs, oil, vinegar and other condiments in an inverted island on the counter is a very smart move. Moreover, this allow us to bring more freshness and greenery in the kitchen.

contemporary  kitchen cabinet organization photosPHOTO: www.divinekitchens.com

Why not using half the bottom of a drawer to keep some good bottles of wine?

kitchen drawers picturesPHOTO: www.kitchentown.com

Segmenting your drawers with dividers will help when you have a lot of utensils and flatware. Think that plates are also welcome in mid of bottom drawers as they are easier to grab there.

organizing knives sets magnetic imagePHOTO: www.divinekitchens.com

Give a professional look to your small kitchen by hanging your knives set on a magnetic fixture!

contemporary cabinet drawer organizers photosPHOTO: www.tarekelsallab.com

Some manufacturers allows you to integrate double-width drawers with special robust fixations. This is the dream of many of us to have a whole pantry available at the pull of a drawer. One more time, it’s better to have your ingredients and utensils at low to mid level so you can exactly see what you have at hand, without the clutter that usually stack up in the upper cabinetry.

What about you, what are your secret kitchen organization tips?

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