Tips: 6 Ways To Charm Up your Cocktail Glasses

Bacardi-Cocktail-Rum-RecipeThe estival period is coming with its cocktail parties. There are several tricks to know to decorate your cocktails in a creative and surprising way. But the first rule is: Aways use a glass you have customized! Here are 6 simple and easy ideas to impress your guests:

1. With apples: Cut thin slices of green apple — keeping the skin — and soak them into lemon juice so they do not darken in contact with air.

2. Frosting glasses is more fun: make a halo of sugar that does the rim of the glass, it is prepared with sugar or salt, to do just dip the edges of the glass in a saucer with a syrup or a colored liquor, or egg white, or lemon juice, then push the edge of the glass in another dish filled with sugar or salt.

3. Sprinkle cocktails: With the nutmeg, chocolate powder or grated chocolate, grated coconut, red berries. Small aesthetic trick  do not center your designs.

4. Pieces of fruit: It is very likely to use a large piece of fruit cocktail base for the decoration of cocktail. Do not forget to serve the cocktail with a towel. Your guests will appreciate this delicacy.

5. Skewers are a must: Fruit skewers — see olives, vegetables, tomatoes — are a must in cocktails… For larger fruit — melons, pineapple, mango — cut them into cubes. You can also use canned fruit or frozen fruits!

6. Mixing sticks and straws: Match a mini umbrella with a straw; they brighten up your glasses giving them a fun twist. This also help prevent your guests to drink in the wrong glass.

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