Help! What to Put in my Picnic Basket?

What to Put in my Picnic Basket

Question: “I just celebrated my 22nd birthday and I decided to throw a small beach party with three friends to mark the occasion. I would offer them a little picnic but I have no idea what I can prepare, knowing that my budget is somewhat limited!
Do you have any ideas? Thank you in advance.”
Sent by Lisa

Editor: You can make a rice salad, with tomatoes, corn, and cucumber as the base food for your picnic. You can also prepare a pizza that you will serve cold. You can bet on small melon skewers with ham, and feta cheese or savory quick breads with shrimp, crab, cheese, mushrooms etc… The dessert would include a fruit salad, but you can also provide a pound cake with apples.

Here’s few recipes that would fit perfectly in your picnic basket:

And don’t forget drinks and coffee!

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