4 Last Minutes Tips for a Stunning Christmas Table

traditional christmas table decoration

A Christmas dinner does not necessarily need to be celebrated in the glitz and glitter. A traditional Christmas decoration all in red and green is perfect! The traditional Christmas decor is a set of colorful accessories, mostly red, from various materials such as wood or wool and lace. The key is to successfully combine everything without looking too busy.

red christmas candles photos

Recreate a warm and intimate atmosphere

The goal is to recreate a warm and intimate atmosphere, reminiscent of the evenings by the fire — before the Internet and mobile phones era! To do this, nothing better than using candles.

Choose candles according to your wish: thin, large, votives, colored, it will be perfect!

christmas napkin set image

The table setting

You can dare a plain red or white tablecloth with a nice red table runner. If you do not like table runners, play with individual placemats with contrasting colors. You can play similarly with napkins (especially avoid those paper napkins for Christmas!). If you have the ability and desire, have a few pinecones or holly branches at the center of the table, surrounding candlesticks and other candleholders.

red xmas plate and towels pictures

How to choose dishes

As for the tableware, marrying red and white plates seems to be the best combination for a traditional atmosphere. Avoid forms that are too modern for the plate charges, so keep your brand new stylish square plates for another occasion! It is best to stick with round shapes, whether for plates or glasses.

Feel free to use vintage looking dishes. This “outdated” look will be perfect for a traditional decor. If in addition, they have a small red border or pattern around (shapes, characters…) that’s great! For the main course, you can serve in a red casserole. This will highlight your dish.

Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper photo

Nice jugs for beverages

Ban bottles from the table and serve wine and water in beautiful wine decanters and carafes! Have a good look in your closet or ask Grandma if she would  have one or two of it, it will bring even more cachet! Otherwise, many tabletop manufacturers sell these products, so this is not a problem. One again, a little green touch with pine branches or holly leaves arranged in a centerpiece will bring the magic!

Christmas- Tree- Napkins
Dinner Plate
Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper
whate-Hand Poured Pillar Candles

1. Set of 3 Hand Poured Pillar Candles

Holiday- Candle

2. Holiday Glittered Pillar Candle:

votive candles

3. Globe Mercury Glass Votive


4. Stockholm Nordic Light


5. Hurricane Votive Holders

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Dinner Plate thumbnail
Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper thumbnail
img93b thumbnail
whate-Hand Poured Pillar Candles thumbnail
Holiday- Candle thumbnail
votive candles thumbnail
Stockholm-Nordic-Light thumbnail
Votive-Holders thumbnail

1. Hand Poured Pillar Candles:  $14.99 by Amazon
2. Holiday Glittered Pillar Candle : $19.99 by Amazon
3. Globe Mercury Glass Votive: $14.94 by Amazon
4. Stockholm Nordic Light: $108.99 via Amazon
5. Hurricane Votive Holders $49.99 via Amazon
6 Christmas Tree Embroidered Napkins, Set of 4 : $39.99 by Amazon
7. Caterer’s 6 pieces napkins set — $12.50 to $24.50 via Pottery Barn

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