The Best Ways to Cook With Cilantro

prepare with fresh cilantro - Cilantro Recipes - Cilantro Coriander Cooking - Cilantro Benefits

Cilantro, also known as coriander, is a herb that everyone knows. But its use in cooking is not always obvious. This herb can be consumed from leaves to the root. So how do you cook it with fresh coriander, in the form of seeds and leaves? The fresh cilantro is on the shelves of seasonal products. Depending on how it is used, it often loses its flavor, hence the need to know how to cook with fresh cilantro.

How to cook with fresh cilantro

The cilantro does not cook, it is used raw in the kitchen, just like parsley. It will be added to the dish after it is cooked. Introduced too early, it loses all its flavor. Also, be aware that fresh coriander is perfect to flavor fish, like seafood mussels with cream. Cilantro flavored dishes have become more and more popular among gourmets. On the other hand, cooking fresh coriander in combination with other spices adds an exotic note to a dish. Ginger, garlic, curry, coconut milk, and cilantro will make a delicious chicken.

cook with fresh cilantro - Cilantro Recipes - Cilantro Coriander Cooking - Cilantro Benefits

Know how to cook with coriander seeds

Few people know about coriander seeds and how to use them in cooking. Mix the dish early in the cooking if they are not ground. It is also possible to grind the coriander seeds and mix them with pepper to make it more fragrant in a pot of rice or couscous. Some cooks combine the cilantro with fruit compote or jam, creating unique flavors. Coriander powder also goes into the composition of the homemade curry paste.

cook with coriander seeds -Cilantro Recipes - Cilantro Coriander Cooking - Cilantro Benefits

How to cook with coriander leaves

The advantage of the cilantro is that it marry’s all the cuisines of the world. In China, coriander root is associated with spring rolls, soups, or rice. It is the same in Africa where cilantro is mixed with zebu, meat sauce, or carp. Not only does coriander give a different flavor to basic dishes, but it also has diuretic and digestive properties.

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